Bird Feeder with Seed Reservoir
These instructions are made to accompany the following bird feeder stained glass patterns: The bird feeder built in the photographs is a pattern I published in Glass Patterns Quarterly, the Frank Lloyd Wright bird feeder with seed reservoir.

This bird feeder with seed reservoir is reinforced with steel rods under the base. The weight is borne by the 6-gauge copper wire that is attached to a 12-cm steel rod, above which the feeder rests. The reservoir is accessed for filling by lifting the conical top piece along the 6-gauge copper wire. This top piece rests on the top edges of the reservoir when closed.

The platform provides comfortable perching space for small birds such as chickadees and the larger cardinals alike. The platform is well drained to avoid seed spoilage and accumulation of heavy snow. Some seeds will inevitably fall on the ground, which will be much appreciated by ground-feeding birds such as the migratory dark-eyed juncos, cardinals, song sparrows and many others.

Lead-free solder is a must for this project, in order to avoid harming the wildlife and contaminating the environment. Materials:
  • 3 square feet of glass, various colors
  • 3/16" or 7/32" copper foil
  • 1/2" copper foil
  • 1 1/4" steel rod, cut into 4 x 5.5 cm, and 1 x 12 cm pieces
  • 1 large brass lobster clasp
  • 1 hexagonal 3" vase cap
  • 1 lb lead-free solder
  • 3 feet 6-gauge copper wire (electrical supplies, hardware store)
  • 14-gauge copper wire (small spool)
  • wood, nails for making jig
  • Patina

STEP 1: Make jig
Place pattern on a piece of wood and secure with adhesive tape. Cover the paper pattern with overhead transparencies or other clear material to prevent water damage during grinding. Nail wood in place around the edges of the various panels.

Bird Feeder Instructions

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