Trace your piece
Your first step is to trace the missing piece on the matching piece of glass it will be cut from. If you are working with opalescent glass, you should first trace on overhead transparencies, cut out the model and trace is on your opalescent glass. Be mindful of matching the grain of the glass, in this example, the Spectrum Waterglass has a definite direction to the pattern.

Score the cracked piece that needs to be removed
Score the piece. In this example, I have scored a "tic tac toe" grid pattern, but on a larger piece more score marks are desirable.

Knock the piece out
TURN THE PANEL OVER and knock the back of the score line with the ball end of your glass cutter. Be sure to do this about a inch above the work table so that the broken pieces don't travel far!

Pry out the broken piece with pliers
Remove as much of the remaining shards with pliers.

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