Wish to make a piece "jump forward?"
Below is a demonstration of how the brightness of Youghiogheny stipple glass (the light-colored roses) can be used to advantage against heavier, more opaque Uroboros green herringbone ripple (the leaves). The darker flowers are made with a variety of more opalescent, textured Uroboros pink glass. The darker petals in the light colored flowers are in fact darker patches from the same sheet of stipple.

When seen in the light, the lighter flowers so appear to jump forward, while the darker ones appear to withdraw. But the effect is not due to more color pigment (i.e., more or less pink), rather, it is due to differences in the amount of light transmitted by the glass.

The flowers and leaves are offset against a backdrop of Uroboros clear fracture streamer that imparts an organic feel to the entire window.

Rose Window pattern.

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