By Joy Hartley

Beaded edging using ladder chain
Ladder chain can be used to advantage to frame oval, circular, or freeform panels to provide both reinforcement as well as added interest in the form of a scalloped outer edge.

Solder both sides and clean it up. Tin all the copper foil on the outer edge. Place the ladder chain around the entire outside and hold it in place with scotch tape as shown below.

Use pliers to have the chain snug around. It's easy to put the chain around any bends or curves that the piece may have, since each link can be bent quite sharply if if required. Solder each link of the ladder chain completely around the piece. It looks really pretty and gives the piece added strength and gives it a gorgeous frame.

More tips from Joy
  • Blow the pattern up to the desired size using photocopier.
  • Cut the pieces of the pattern and use spray glue to apply to the glass.
  • Cut and grind with the pattern piece intact on the glass.
  • Keep a smaller copy of the pattern that is numbered as a guide.
  • Grind around the pattern piece and place back on the board for the remainder of the assembly.