How to photograph a stained glass lampshade
Material required:
  • Several feet of black velvet.
  • Camera with tripod
  • An 80A filter with accessories
  • Clip-on lamps with regular incandescent bulbs
  • Chairs
  • White paper and adhesive tape
  • Slow film (100-200 ASA)
STEP 1: Spread out velvet.
Spread out the piece of velvet over available furniture. It is keep in place with weights, in this case, wicker baskets that were on hand. The fabric doesn't need to be perfectly straight. Black velvet doesn't produce many shadows.

STEP 2: Place lamp on velvet
The electrical wire should pass through the fabric, and plugged in the wall behind.

STEP 3: Install spots
These are every inexpensive clip-on lamps available in large hardware store, fitted with 100 watt light bulbs.

They are essential for lighting the lamp base. Indeed, even though the lamp base may appear well-lit to the eye, when the film is developped, the base will look disappointingly dark. It is well worth the small effort and expense.

The lighting should come from the left and the right, the spots making a 90 degree angle with the lamp at the tip. They should be clipped to a height of half that of the visible part of the base.

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