There exists a multitude of objects created with stained glass.


Suncatchers are the smallest projects, generally speaking. They usually hang in a window, from one point, much like a Christmas ball on a tree. They are frequently freeform, or in round frames.

In the image below, a suncatcher is strenghtened with a thick rim made of a copper-foiled steel rod, that is soldered. A ring below the suncather is perfect for hanging a windchime or a hummingbird feeder.


Panels are larger, and because of their increase weight and dimensions, usually hang from two points. They can be rectangular, square, oval and circular, and more rarely, freeform.

Lamp Shades

Lampshades are a pratical and popular use of stained glass. There exists many types of lampshades, such as Panel, mold, sconces, fan lamps, table lanterns. Old fashioned lamps were often made with lead came, but over time, they tended to suffer from sagging due to lead stretching. The foil method is generally preferred nowawadays for shade construction. See here for instructions for lampshade construction:
Lampshade construction

See here for instructions on photographing stained glass lampshades:
Photographing Stained Glass Lamp Shades


Outstanding examples of stained glass kaleidoscopes can be found Frank and Janel and from Covington Innovations. Though the reflector tube is, as expected, made with stained glass, the wheel can be made using various other materials.


After grinding mirror edges, allow them to dry thouroughly. Wipe the ground surfaces with a rage to remove dust, and paint with clear nail polish to avoid the mirror blackening over time.

Bird Feeders

Bird feeders should always be made with lead-free solder. A variety of wild animals, including squirrels and birds, should not be exposed to lead being near their food source. Click on the link for a number of free stained glass patterns for bird feeders. See here for instructions for making a stained glass bird feeder.

Candle Holders

A piece of mirror is great bottom for candle holders. Indeed, they reflect more light, making the flame appear slightly brighter.

Tissue Cozies

Some free tissue cozy patterns are available on the web. They are simple to construct.


See here for instructions on how to make a tube hinge box without a unattractive chain:
Chainless box constrution


Clocks can be made with stained opaque stained glass that conceals the clock parts.


Wreaths are essentially free form suncatchers with an open "window" at the center. They are popular holiday crafts, or year-round.

Window Corners