Copy and cut out pattern
Prepare a copy of the pattern to use later whwn laying down your pieces for soldering, an another to cut out.

Using scissors, cut out the pieces, and cut away all black lines

You may also perform this step with pattern shears, which have double blades that remove the black line with one cut. Some people like to transfer their templates on cardboard, which is useful when making several items with the same template.

Alternately, if using mostly clear glass, the template can be traced directly on the glass using a light box.

This pattern has several pieces that are the same, or mirrors. Not all pieces need to be cut out, but all pieces are shown individually for teaching purposes.

Lay down template
Notice that the pattern pieces are laid on the smoothest side of the glass.

Sometimes, you want the smootest side to be in FRONT, sometimes, in BACK - it is an artistic decision.

  • I want the texture of the cord-textured glass to be in front. Because I will be scoring the back of the glass, I lay the pattern pieces for the cord-textured glass numbered face up.

  • I want the smooth side of the ring mottle to be in front. Because I will be scoring the front of the glass, I lay the pattern pieces for the ring mottled glass numbered face down.
Note that this way, when you lay down all the pieces, what will ultimately be the back of the project will be facing up. You will see later that the underside of the first side that you solder is always flatter, smoother and more attracive than the upside, where inequalities in the thickness of the glass pieces are more apparent.

In other words, solder the backside first for a straighter front side with thinner lead lines.

Simply trace the pieces on the glass. Straight lines can be abutted, but there should be enough glass eround each piece to be able to cut pieces around it, approximately 1/4" (0.5 cm).

For convenience, the areas on the glass with pieces are cut away, and the leftover, unused glass portions are returned to the storage rack.

Template/Pattern Preparation

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