Selecting zinc came
Zinc came is available in a variety of widths. For structural purposes, wider came is required for larger panels. On smaller panels where structure is not an issue, the choice boils down to aesthetic considerations. Zinc came is widely available in "H" shade, and "U" shape. For framing a panel, use "U" shape zinc came.

Equipment and materials
The method outlined is aimed at hobbyists wanting professional-looking results, but that do not wish to invest in costly or bulky equipment.
  • A metal saw and a mitre. These are available as kits in most hardware stores and cost very little.
  • Masking tape
  • Wire cutters
  • tinned copper wire, 14G
  • 60/40 solder
  • Soldering iron
  • Zinc came
  • A marker
Before you begin
Make sure that the outside of your project is tinned, i.e, all foil is covered with the thinnest possible layer of solder. Your bead should NOT extend all the way to the edge of the project. Leave some room for the came to be able to slip into the panel, as shown below:

Do not use the inner or outer edge of the came for measurements. Measurements are made on the came's inner channel. Use a marker to show the location of the inner channel as shown below:

This is what my inexpensive metal mitre saw looks like:
The blade:

The mitre and saw:

How to hold the zinc came while sawing:

When sawing, put very little pressure. Let the saw do the work for you. If you put too much pressure, the saw will 'catch' and jam as you cut through the inner wings of the channel.

Framing a panel in zinc came
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