You are ready to make your frame
Start by cutting off the edge of the zinc came at a 45 degree angle. Always be mindful of the direction of the angle! Once this is done, line up the zinc came against one edge of your project as shown below:

Now, you need to find out where the cut will be on the other side of that piece of came. With a marker, show where the edge of the panel meets the inside of the channel, like this:

Saw right across the "X" mark as as shown:

Complete all four sides of your panel.
Fasten the frame to your project
First, tack solder the panel's lead lines to the zinc came. Note that zinc requires more flux than lead. Do not apply solder to every leadline/frame joint then solder all of them; it's better to apply flux and solder each joint individually. Zinc likes its flux freshly applied. The corners of the came should abut nicely.

Soldering the corners of the zinc frame
You don't want to have big globs of solder on all your corners. For professional results, apply masking tape to each corner as shown, and rub the masking tape to make sure it is well glued to the zinc surface.

After you solder the corners, they should look like this:

Making hooks
For hooks, take 14G tinned copper wire. If pre-tinned is not available, you can tin it yourself in seconds. Cut a piece of wire and bend it as shown:

Solder the piece of wire as shown:

Your panel is framed!

Framing a panel in zinc came
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