Stained Glass is a pleasurable art and craft. It is a hobby for many, and an art for the few. Stained glass is often used in the making of windows and lampshades, but is also useful for boxes, clocks, cabinet doors, picture frames and other 3-dimensional projects.

Welcome to this ever-growing informational website. New material is added on a regular basis. You may peruse the new section on stained glass careers, traditional glass painting, lead came construction, with video support, and detailed step-by-step photography.

Videoclips and photographic instructions

  • How to cut glass - from large sheets to small pieces.
  • Perfect tube hinges for stained glass boxes.
  • Designing your own lampshades - panel and on mold.
  • Assembling an Odyssey shade without tacky wax.
  • Lampshade photography.
  • How to build a bird feeder.
  • Foiling heavily textured glass.
  • Zinc-framing your work.
  • Become proficient with lead came.
  • Careers in stained glass.
  • Find inspiration and be creative.
We hope to offer a learning experience that is fresh, different, and more literary than the dry, magazine form that lists more equipment than you need, and insists on lenghty warnings about safety. Safety is important, and we have it all tucked away in one section, so as not to bore you.

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