STEP 5: Assemble the top piece
Raise the panels of the top piece as you would for a panel lampshade. Wash the panels and dry them thoroughly. Lay the pieces flat and fasten with electrical tape, raise, and tack solder. Solder the seams inside and out. Reinforce the outside edge of the top piece with 14-gauge copper wire. Tin the vase cap, and block the vents with solder from the inside, using a sponge on the other side to prevent the solder from falling through. Leave the middle orifice open. Install the vase cap over the top piece.

STEP 6: Final assembly
Pass the bird feeder reservoir 6-gauge wire through the vase cap. Adjust the height of the wire with wire cutters. To install the lobster clasp, pass the 6-gauge wire through it, and bend sharply. Tightly wrap 14-gauge copper wire around it.

STEP 6: Finishing
Clean up the project, apply patina, rinse and dry. Fill with seed, and wait for the birds!

Bird Feeder Instructions

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